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Awakening to the Challenges of Change

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

At times in life, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads of either continuing on the path that we're used to or choosing a new and unknown path.

Sometimes this choice comes from dealing with loss, going through internal or physical changes, or from us wanting to gain deeper meanings of life. No matter what the cause of the awakening, the journey into a new chapter in our lives brings on many emotions, uncertainties, and a desire for guidance on how to best deal with the challenges that come from choosing a different way forward.

Which means knowing what we are likely to come up against can help us remain in a state of awareness so that we won't only endure the obstacles when they come, but that we'll also become equipped to overcome them.

Here are some challenges that come with change, awakening, and entering a new cycle.
Confusion and feeling overwhelmed.
When we begin a new path, we have the authority and ability to choose what we want to have in our life now that the past cycle is closed. This can lead to confusion with what decisions to make in terms of career, love, family, or lifestyle due to not wanting to get it "wrong". Worrying about what we should do can lead to inaction, stopping us from making progress towards our goals. There are so many different spiritual teachings, practices, philosophies to learn and work with that it can be overwhelming. This can add to the confusion about where to start, what to believe, or which path to follow.

Resistance and doubt
Sometimes when we start down a new path in our lives an inner resistance and self-doubt about what we believe, think, or are doing comes to the surface. This happens because there is friction between our previously held beliefs, social norms, and our new way of thinking and living.

Loneliness and Isolation
Sometimes when we begin to explore spirituality or move forward into a new cycle, we find our beliefs and experiences are very different than the people around us. This can lead to isolation and loneliness, especially if we don't have a supportive community or like-minded people in our lives. A lot of times we find ourselves choosing to spend more time alone in order to stay true to ourselves, but in turn, we also feel alone dealing with feelings of otherness.

Emotional Turmoil
At the start of a new cycle, we usually have to confront suppressed emotions, and come face to face with any unresolved issues or past traumas at least one more time to make sure we are ready and willing to move forward with what is best for us. This emotional struggle can be difficult to navigate and free ourselves from. In order to do so we are required to push into discomfort to continue forward.

Ego Death
The process of awakening involves ego death and changes in how we use our ego as a result. At the start of our new journey, we are at a point of having learned lessons from living out of our ego and are required to put aside our protective mask in the form of ego to become vulnerable and receptive for the changes needed to move in a new direction. This can be disorienting for us because it causes us to question our sense of identity and self-concept. This comes in the form of realizing who we are compared to who we used to be, as well as seeing our current self in relation to others.

Uncertainty and Unpredictability
Moving into awakened awareness and choosing a new path forward is a personal experience and its unfolding can be unpredictable. This causes a lot of uncertainty about what lies ahead and can give us anxiety as we move in flow of the universe and our highest good.
Physical and Mental Changes
Changes in our sleep patterns, having heightened sensitivity, increased intuition, and experiencing expanded awareness can be challenging as we go through an awakening and move onto a new path. What we used to look like, feel like, think like, live like, and act like is no longer who we are. We have undergone such deep shadow work and done so much healing that we sometimes are unrecognizable to the people we've known in the past and even to ourselves for a period of time.

Balancing Past and Present
Connecting our past with our desire for a new beginning is a challenge that we face as we move into our new beginning. This means accepting what has happened while still choosing to move forward without the burdens of our past. This takes us finding a balance between what was, what is, and what will be.

Practical Challenges
When we choose to go down a path less traveled and move into a new cycle it usually comes with taking a leap of faith. The leap of faith includes ending parts of our past that may impact our financial stability, bring shifts in where we live, require a change of careers, or leave us finding new ways to manage day-to-day responsibilities. This can add stress and cause more difficulty in the process of beginning anew.

Pressure of Expectations
There is generally some external and internal pressure to succeed and make the most of our "second chance" at life when we go through an awakening. This pressure adds more stress and feelings of inadequacy, challenging us to see past the illusions and fear so that we can continue into our new cycle.

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