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The Purpose of Awakening

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Along the journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, we come across different beliefs and philosophies that resonate across culture, ages, and disciplines. Ranging from ancient wisdom to modern psychological theories, these ideas connect through a common story of transformation, change, purpose, and the connection to something greater than ourselves.

This article takes a closer look at the parallels and common ideas related to spiritual awakenings.
By connecting the concepts from different times, cultures, and belief systems, the Universal Truths that guide each of us on our paths of awakening come to the forefront. Allowing us to understand our purpose and journey more clearly.

Deepening Faith and Understanding in a Spiritual Awakening
Many people report a deepening or transformation of their faith during a spiritual awakening. This has to do with a change in religious beliefs usually through incorporating broader understandings. Also, a more personal and direct connection with a higher power or universal energy takes place during an awakening. Ancient beliefs, esoteric traditions, and religious teachings alike, emphasize a connection to a higher power, driving source, or transcendent reality. During a spiritual awakening, it is common for a person to let go of limiting ideas like following only one single strict belief system. Choosing instead to combine and connect different beliefs into a larger understanding. Throughout an awakening, many people find truths, validity and acceptance in all belief systems.

Books to support Spiritual Awakening and Transformation: "The Power of Now"-Eckhart Tolle, "A New Earth"-Eckhart Tolle, "The Seat of the Soul"-Gary Zkav

Questioning and Exploration
Ancient beliefs and traditions encourage seeking wisdom and inner knowledge. This goes hand in hand with the intense questioning and exploration that people go through during a spiritual awakening. During this period of time a person digs deeper into their beliefs by reevaluating previously held religious or spiritual doctrines. This is a process that involves seeking new sources of wisdom, gaining new information, and exploring different spiritual practices to find what best fits their soul's purpose.

Books to support Questioning and Exploration during a Spiritual Awakening: "The Hero with a Thousand Faces"-Joseph Campbell, "The Masks of God"-Joseph Campbell, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages"-Manly P. Hall

Faith Changes

A spiritual awakening causes a ripple effect of changes relating to a person's faith. One of these common changes, involve a loss of faith in organized religions or traditional belief systems. Spiritual Awakenings lead to a new intake of information from various sources. Which brings forth an expansion and an opening of the mind to accepting new ideas. As a result, it sometimes challenging for a person to restrict themselves to only one school of thought or belief system. Another change in faith during a spiritual awakening comes in the form of the integration of shadow aspects of self. Ancient beliefs and even more recent spiritual beliefs incorporate ritualistic practices during an awakening to bring all parts of a person's subconscious into awareness. So that a person can live in full self-acceptance of their duality.

Books to Support Faith Changes from a Spiritual Awakening: "The Kybalion"-The Three Initiates, "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception"-Max Heindel, "The Secret Doctrine"-Helena Blavatsky

Allowance and Openness
A spiritual awakening brings about a more open and fluid approach to faith and purpose overall. People become less rigid in their beliefs and more receptive to new insights and experiences. One of the main components of an awakening is the idea of growth,
and seeing life as a continual journey. This mindset allows a person to become more open to all of the experiences in their life. Where they are able to watch events unfold from a role of an active observer. Esoteric traditions and philosophical perspectives encourage a more fluid and open approach to beliefs as well, similar to the openness that develops during a spiritual awakening.

Books to Support Openness during a Spiritual Awakening: "Man and His Symbols"-Carl Jung, "The Republic"-Plato, "Meditations"-Marcus Aurelius

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