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The Start of Something New

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

When a seed is first planted in the ground the growth process begins.
In the dark and all alone using the elements around, is when it all starts.
Later, that same part of the plant that began its growth in the dark becomes the strongest and most essential part of the plant. The roots!
And it is the roots that we don't necessarily ever see, which anchors and feeds the changes of the plant continually.

This is like our own life, where we go through cycles of transformation. Often difficult and unpleasant but needed for bringing in a new beginning.

We learn from past experiences, from shadow aspects of ourselves, and develop into the person we're destined to be. Just like the plant sprouting and then expanding.

The start of something new in our own lives, begins in dark times so that we can learn and grow. In order to get to the point where we become strong enough to make changes in our emotional, spiritual and physical realities.

Here are cross-disciplinary activities that can help us manifest healthy new beginnings in a meaningful way.

Visualization and Imagery
This activity includes creating a mental image of our desired outcome for the new beginning. We learn to use the power of our mind with our emotional state to vividly imagine ourselves already living the reality we want to manifest. (Cognitive psychology and Adlerian Theory)
Meditation and Astral Work
Using deeper states of meditation or astral projection to connect with higher realms of consciousness along with receiving guidance from spiritual sources is a practice that can be used to manifest new positive changes in our lives. This can help give us valuable insights and help align our energy with our new beginning. (Various spiritual beliefs)

Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk
Affirmations and positive statements or phrases that speak to what we want to create. By repeating these affirmations regularly, we reinforce positive beliefs about ourselves and our abilities to manifest our goals. (Cognitive-behavioral psychology)

Sigil Crafting
Using symbols, sigils, and ritual practices to focus our intentions and energy towards manifesting the outcome we desire. This can include creating personalized symbols that represent our desired outcome, and then performing rituals to charge them with energy to release them into the universe. (Ancient practices and beliefs)

Prayer is a way we can use to connect to our higher power or deity. This includes asking for guidance, clarity, and support in manifesting our desired new beginning. Affirmations can be statements of faith and gratitude, reinforcing our belief in the divine help we are seeking. (Various religious beliefs)

Planetary and Elemental Energy Work
Aligning with planet and element energies to harmonize with certain aspects of manifestation is a practice for bringing in desired transformations. For example, using the energies of specific planets or elements that correspond with the qualities we wish to manifest like love, abundance, or clarity. (Astrology practices)

Sacred Geometry and Symbolism
Exploring the use of sacred geometric shapes and symbols to tap into universal energies can be a way for us to align with our specific intentions. These symbols are believed to hold powerful vibrational frequencies. (Ancient practices and Hermetic principles)
Rituals and Ceremonies
Many religious traditions have specific rituals and ceremonies designed to invoke spiritual energy and blessings. Participating in these practices with the intention of manifesting our new beginning can be a powerful way to align our faith and actions with our desired outcome. These can be symbolic gestures, prayers, and offerings to receive Divine interventions and support. (Various religious beliefs)

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