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To Be... Self-Aware

In spirituality, self-awareness is the ability to understand and be aware of your innermost self. This includes your thoughts, feelings and motivations. It is an honest personal relationship with yourself. It means you are able to observe your thoughts and emotions without judgement.

Self-awareness is an important part of spiritual growth because it allows you to connect with your true nature. This true nature is believed to be pure consciousness or Divine essence. By becoming aware of the innermost self, you can identify and overcome limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and behaviors that get in the way of your spiritual development.

Spiritual self-awareness is about having a deeper understanding of yourself and connecting with the Divine part of who you are, that is believed to exist within all beings. It is a process of self-discovery and transformation that leads to greater spiritual fulfillment and inner peace.

The chart below shows 5 spiritual practices to help develop self-awareness.

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