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How to raise your vibration in less than 5 minutes

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

How many times do you wake up on the "right side" of the bed, ready to tackle the day with a bright and positive outlook only to make it through the first few hours and your entire mood is ruined?

The truth is most of us want to have a great day. We really do!

The problem is not so much with intention and mindset. Instead, it comes with those small hurdles and uncontrollable experiences that we face every day. The ones that we wish wouldn't happen and take us off our "A" game. We all have them. Whether it be our boss needing something done right away, our child not listening, or our partner pushing our buttons.

The fact is, from the moment we wake up there is more that can go wrong from what we envisioned in our mind for the ideal perfect day than we plan for. So the question becomes, not how we get a high vibration in those calm and content moments, but rather how can we raise our vibration quickly when under pressure.

Because let's face it, a good night's rest already raises our vibration. A nice cup of coffee or relaxing after dinner, naturally brings us back to a state of positive being. No, we need a quick and easy way to bring ourselves back to a high vibration in the moment and fast!

Below are easy to follow steps for raising your vibration in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Isolate yourself (1 minute)

Get to a place by yourself. This may mean going into the car, going outside, into the break room, even walking in the hallway by yourself away from others. The important thing is to be by yourself and in an area away from others who may come into your personal space.

Step 2: Intentional breathing (1 minute)

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Count for 60 seconds. You may close your eyes or keep them open, whichever feels most comfortable. Listen to your breaths and focus on the feeling of your body. It may be helpful to rest your hands on your stomach to feel the rise and fall from each breath.

Step 3: Targeted visualization (2 minutes)

With your eyes closed or open, replay the situations that have brought your energy down. See each event clearly happening in your mind exactly as it happened. Next, visualize it going the way you would have liked it to go. See the outcome that you would have wished for. Finally, in your mind create a mental picture of how you'd like the rest of your day to go.

Step 4: Attitude check (1 minute)

Ask yourself, "what can I do if this happens again?" and "how will I handle it next time?" These 2 questions will not only allow for a quick reflection, but they act as a confidence boost. You are now ready to take on whatever else comes your way.

The key to raising your vibration in 5 minutes is to become present, see your situation for what it is and then create a plan of action. Doing this, brings your vibration back up to where you began your day. Optimistic and positive, ready for the world!

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