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Perfect Imperfection

Updated: May 29, 2023

With spiritual growth and personal development, we are looking to improve in the areas of our life that we feel are lacking. With this pursuit of being "better" than we used to be, we sometimes get in our own way and let the idea of perfection become an illusion we start chasing.

The truth is our imperfections are not something we should try to hide or get rid of. Our imperfections are not hindrances to our spiritual journey, they are one of the most important parts of it.

There is a profound connection between spirituality and imperfections. We can't have one without the other. Accepting and even welcoming our flaws can lead us towards wholeness and great transformation in our lives.

Illusion of Perfection:
The Problem:
We live in a world that glorifies perfection instead of the ordinary. The idea of perfection that is pushed on us puts a lot of pressure on us to be flawless in order to be worthy. However, this pursuit of perfection is really an unnecessary burden we place on ourselves that causes stress, anxiety and a constant sense of not being good enough.

The Solution:
True spirituality invites us to question this illusion and realize that imperfections are not failures. That they are opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Imperfections as Teachers:
The Problem:
Comparing ourselves to unrealistic expectations of perfection that we see on social media or that we put on ourselves make us feel like we can't accomplish our goals. Our imperfections start to make us think that we don't measure up to other people, making it easy for us to adopt the attitude of hopelessness.

The Solution:
When we begin training ourselves to see our imperfections as powerful teachers on our spiritual path we are able to stand in our own power. We are no longer a victim of circumstance, instead we look to what is being shown to us through our imperfections. This is when we start to see our blind spots that trigger self-reflections and introspection. We learn to listen to the lessons that our imperfections have to offer us. These insecurities guide us towards self-awareness and help us uncover deep-seated patterns, fears and unresolved emotions that hold us back from reaching our highest self.

Learning Self-Compassion;
The Problem:
When we look at all that is "wrong" with us, we feel disappointment, shame and despair. We tend to hold ourselves to such high unrealistic standards that our imperfections seem magnified. Causing us to try and hide them from the world and close a part of ourselves off in one area or another.

The Solution:
Spirituality encourages us to practice self-compassion, extending kindness and understanding towards ourselves. Imperfections and all. Self-compassion allows us to acknowledge our flaws without judgment or criticism. It opens the door to self-acceptance, nurturing a loving relationship with ourselves. This helps us with inner healing and growth.

Surrendering to the Divine Guidance:
The Problem:
We often see our imperfections as something that we have done wrong or something that is negative. We place judgment on ourselves and think that our flaws are worse than they actually are. We have a difficult time seeing how we can live up to the person we want to become because of these imperfections.

The Solution:
When we release the need for perfection, we create space for Divine guidance to flow into our lives. Accepting our imperfections helps us let go of control, trusting that everything will work out for the best no matter what it seems like based on our flaws. It is through surrender that we tap into a complete sense of connection, allowing us to align with our true purpose. This is when we finally experience spiritual transformation.

Using our Shadow:
The Problem:
Within each of us resides a shadow self. This is the part of us that holds our hidden thoughts, desires and imperfections. Many times, our shadow self is hidden even to our own awareness. Then when we're confronted by our imperfections these thoughts come to the surface without us knowing. Our shadow self will put up defenses to protect us from any perceived harm. This means that when we feel insecure with our imperfections, we will actively do things that are actually not in our best interest. This may show up as lashing out at others, avoiding activities or other negative behaviors. Stemming from our shadow attempting to shield us from the fear of our imperfections being rejected by others.

The Solution:
Part of the spiritual journey is shining a light on our shadow self. We do this by acknowledging and integrating its aspects into our conscious awareness. By embracing our shadow self, we unlock a deeper level of authenticity, wholeness and spiritual growth. We are no longer held captive to our imperfections because we learn to use them to our advantage. We begin to understand that fear of rejection doesn't have a negative impact on our life and our perceived imperfections can be used as fuel to our purpose in this life.

Imperfections as Mirrors:
The Problem:
What we see wrong in others is often a result of our own imperfections. Many times, we point the finger at everyone else and their imperfections. Projecting our own insecurities onto others. This is a way for us to avoid looking honestly at ourselves or admitting our flaws. In looking at other people's imperfections we get to have a superficial feeling of being "better" than them. This allows us to ignore our real feelings about our own imperfections.

The Solution:
Spirituality shows us that when we notice imperfections in others it's sometimes a mirror to the imperfections within ourselves that we need to focus on instead of projecting. This can be a powerful catalyst for self-growth and compassion for others as well as ourselves. As we learn to accept and appreciate some of the imperfections in others, we deepen our own ability for empathy, forgiveness and interconnectedness. Realizing that we are all on our own personal journey of learning and growing, and there is no such thing as "perfect". Which is essential on our spiritual journey.

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Appreciating our imperfections is not a sign of weakness or failure. It is a necessary process for us to be able to move towards wholeness on our spiritual journey. When we stop chasing the idea of perfection and begin to look at our flaws with self-compassion and dignity, we open ourselves up to the biggest change of our lives. Which brings us full self-acceptance and a stronger connection to the Divine. Allowing us to live authentically, celebrating the beautiful perfect imperfection that is our life experience.


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